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THE CAPTAIN’S WALLFLOWER – released November 2015

Captain Worthington is injured in the battle of Trafalgar. Blinded by shrapnel, his life goes from being at the forefront of society to being almost cast off. He finds himself sitting with the wallflowers at a ball – something he doesn’t take too kindly.

Miss Amelia Basingstoke has no dowry and enough dreadful relations to ensure that even on her third season, she is unmarried and a confirmed wallflower. Her only friend is a large unruly dog that considers himself too good to chase dead birds.

A chance meeting between the pair frees the Captain in ways that he had never thought possible after he sustained his injury.

A stubborn Captain, an opinionated young woman, an unruly dog and Christmas is approaching – what could possibly go wrong?

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ROSALIND – released May 2015

Peter Gilbert, Duke of Sudworth, is a good man. He has inherited the title and the debt that his deceased brother and father created, having had to leave the home that he had set-up away from his dysfunctional family. Facing bankruptcy, he has determined to keep the family home at whatever cost. Only those closest to him know that it is not for his own benefit.

Rosalind, is the eldest daughter of Mr Johnson, a ‘cit’, a man who has earned his fortune through business. He is determined that his four daughters will marry the highest titles in the country, whether they like it or not, and he is prepared to pay to achieve his goal.

Two people forced together because of circumstances that they did not create would be set for a shaky start at best, but with local gossip, illegitimate children and an alleged affair, things were never going to be quiet in the home of the Duke and Duchess of Sudworth.

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AN INCONVENIENT WARD – released May 2014

Lord Michael Dunham is bored of Society, bored of fickle women, but above all that, he is afraid. His father suffered from madness and Michael is afraid that he will inherit the same affliction. He scrutinises his every mood swing, his every expression, to see if he can detect any signs. It blights his life. He has determined that he will never marry, putting his wife through the same that his mother suffered and he certainly will never have children. The disease will die with him.

Miss Elizabeth Rufford is a young lady who is more comfortable managing an estate as far away from Society as she can be. She would rather being planting crops, than dancing a Quadrille, be building walls, rather than playing cards. She did not seek a London season when she came out of the schoolroom and would be happy never to visit the capital.

A line in a will forces the two together. Lord Dunham is Elizabeth’s guardian whether she likes it or not, and she really does not like it! Bounding into his life in the most outrageous way possible, Elizabeth makes an impact she never intended to. Michael is drawn to the feisty woman and suddenly finds that it is hard to fight one’s demons when Elizabeth Rufford is a part of your life.

Both struggle to cope with feelings they have never previously known, but when Elizabeth faces real danger, Michael realises what he could have lost, but it may be too late.

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AN INCONVENIENT WIFE – released May 2014

Charlotte Webster thought she was eloping with the love of her life. She did not expect it to be a ploy and a way to force her into a marriage with a stranger, who wants an innocent bride. Held in a house of ill repute, there is little time to act in order to escape and few options to consider.

Lord Halkyn is a peer much in demand, but an expert at avoiding marriage. He has fixed ideas on love-it causes too many problems to be worth the trouble. He did consider marriage to one lady, but it would have been purely a business transaction. Unfortunately for him, the lady in question had wanted to marry for love and had refused him. Rather than ridicule her, his opinion of her increased and he began to wonder if there was something in the nonsense that was love after all.

When visiting his favourite house of ill repute, run by a Baron, he is accosted by a women, being dragged willingly into a darkened room. He is begged for help in escaping from the house. Whether it was the real fear in her voice, or whether it was the devil in him, he helped her. Suddenly his life was to become far more complicated.

Protecting an innocent, employing the services of Bow Street and racing across country, all things that he had not anticipated when he was first sought out by Miss Charlotte Webster. His life was never going to be the same again.

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Martha Farfield was companion and housekeeper to Lady Dunham. Her life would be complete if it was not for the interference of Lord Dunham’s man of business, Charles Anderton. At every opportunity he undermines her and causes annoyance, Martha cannot control her anger when in his company.

Charles Anderton is smitten by Martha Fairfield, well he was when they first met. He blundered his first encounters with her and now she openly dislikes him. Every time he tries to help, he just creates further problems for them both. He needs to ease the tension, but has no idea how.

Laura Atkinson is on the run. She was a prostitute for Baron Kersal and knew about his illegal activity. When the Baron’s trial collapses and the others involved in the scheme start to go missing, Laura realises her life is in danger. She seeks out the only man that she has ever trusted, the only man she thinks can keep her safe.

Alfred Peters is a Bow Street Officer. He is alone in the world and although not happy with his lot, knows that in his employment, the casualty rate is quite high, so he keeps himself to himself. There was once one woman……..but wishing just means less concentration, which is foolish in the extreme.

The four are destined to be thrown together in a way that will turn all of their lives upside down. None will come away unscathed from the encounter.

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