I was born in the wrong century. Although showers and dental hygiene would be hard to give up if I ever had the opportunity of travelling back in time!

I’m a person who acknowledges an obsession with history, books and research. I will be found either with my head in a book, engrossed in writing, or visiting yet another museum – my children have had holidays with far too many connections to Regency England, that they just accept it as a given nowadays.

Having the good fortune to be able to write for a living over the last few years, I love it when readers get in touch – I’m biased enough to want them to love my characters as much as I do. I’m always grateful for the support readers provide and hope I can repay that by creating characters and stories that they enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

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Along with over a hundred other authors, both traditional and independent, we have created a website in which you can look at a whole range of books. Create lists, read first chapters and compare the authors you like with other authors out there. Hope you’ll follow my page! See you there!

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