About Audrey Harrison

“I was born in the wrong century…”

I was born in the wrong century. Although showers and dental hygiene would be hard to give up if I ever had the opportunity of travelling back in time!

A shy child, I would lose myself in the worlds books created, able to feel far more adventurous than I did in real life. I hated school, apart from History and English. For me, school took me away from reading the stories I wanted to read – who truly understands algebra anyway?

Leaving school, my first job was in a library (of course it was!) I absolutely loved that job and being around books all day was heaven, but it was the 1980’s and jobs were scarce, so when my training course came to an end I had to find a ‘proper job’.

More than twenty years in the public sector, both working as a civilian in the police force (I couldn’t be a police officer, my eyesight is appalling) and then working in councils, on Crime Prevention, once again a recession changed the course for me. Cuts were coming in and crime prevention is a luxury, not a requirement for councils, plus I ended up in hospital with a serious condition which made me reassess how much work I was doing. One voluntary redundancy later and I could finally relax and when that happened, the characters started to push their way forward.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to be able to commit to writing full-time and I have loved every moment of it (except the marketing – underneath I am still that shy girl who likes to hide away with a book).

I have an obsession with history, books and research. I will be found either with my head in a book, engrossed in writing, or visiting yet another museum – my children have had holidays with far too many connections to Regency England, and now my children are grown, it is just my husband who is dragged along to places.

Family is very important to me. I hope that is shown within my books, whether I am writing about real family as in the four sisters, or estranged family as in the foundlings, the family connections are important. I always say the best job in the world is being a mum, seconded now by being a grandma!

Readers know that my heroes and heroines contain a happy ever happy, but I love concocting unusual twists and turns along the way.

I have always suffered from imposter syndrome, but in 2018 I was a finalist in the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award and it was a real affirmation that I am doing what I should be doing and it is thanks to the readers who enjoy my books.

I love it when readers get in touch – I’m biased enough to want everyone to love my characters as much as I do. I am always grateful for the support readers provide and hope I can repay that by continuing to create characters and stories that they enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

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