An Inconvenient Trilogy

This book consists of all three books in The Inconvenient Trilogy, also available separately.

An Inconvenient Ward – Lord Michael Dunham is bored of Society, bored of fickle women, but above all that, he is afraid.

Miss Elizabeth Rufford is a young lady who is more comfortable managing an estate as far away from Society as she can possibly be. She would rather being planting crops, than dancing a Quadrille.

A line in a will force the two together. Lord Dunham is Elizabeth’s guardian whether she likes it or not, and she really does not like it! Bounding into his life in the most outrageous way possible, Elizabeth makes an impact she never intended to. Michael is drawn to the feisty woman and suddenly finds that it is hard to fight one’s demons when Elizabeth Rufford is a part of your life.

An Inconvenient Wife – Charlotte Webster thought she was eloping with the love of her life. She did not expect it to be a ploy to force her into a marriage with a stranger, who wanted a young, innocent bride. Held in a house of ill repute, there is little time to act to try and escape and few options to consider.

Lord Halkyn is a peer much in demand, but an expert at avoiding marriage. He has begun to wonder if there was something in the nonsense that was love after all. When visiting his favourite house of ill repute, run by a Baron, he is accosted by a woman and begged for help in escaping from the house. Whether it was the fear in her voice, or whether it was the devil in him, he helped her.

Suddenly his life was to become far more complicated. Protecting an innocent, employing the services of Bow Street and racing across country, all situations that he could never have anticipated when he was first sought out by Miss Charlotte Webster.

An Inconvenient Companion – Martha Farfield’s life would be complete if it was not for the interference of Charles Anderton. At every opportunity he undermines her and causes annoyance. Martha cannot control her anger when in his company.

Charles Anderton is smitten by Martha Fairfield. Every time he tries to help, he just creates problems for them both. He needs to ease the tension, but has no idea how.

Laura Atkinson is on the run. She seeks out the only man that she has ever trusted, the only man she thinks can keep her safe.

Alfred Peters is a Bow Street Officer. He is alone in the world, there was once one woman……..but wishing just means less concentration, which is foolish in the extreme.

The four are destined to be thrown together in a way that will turn all of their lives upside down. None will come away unscathed from the encounter. Not everyone will get their happy ever after.

All books are available in ebook, paperback and Kindle Unlimited.


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