A Trilogy of Trouble

The Complicated Earl, The Captain’s Wallflower & The Lonely Lord

Three full length Regency Romances, all standalone and available separately on Kindle and in paperback from a Storyteller and Romantic Novelists Association Award Finalist.

The Complicated Earl
At the tender age of fifteen, Tom Fulwood, the future Earl of Standish, discovers that marriage can destroy a man, including his own father. His mother entertains men in her bedroom while her husband sits downstairs, unable or unwilling to respond to his wife’s improper behaviour. From that day on, Tom vows that no woman will hurt him in that way. Over the next seventeen years, Tom ensures no respectable woman would seek to marry him as he becomes one of the most notorious rakes London society has ever seen.

No one gained the affections of the future Earl of Standish, since few were brave enough to try.

The Captain’s Wallflower
Captain Worthington is injured in the battle of Trafalgar. Blinded by shrapnel, his life goes from being at the forefront of society to being almost cast off. He finds himself sitting with the wallflowers at a ball – something he doesn’t take too kindly to. Miss Amelia Basingstoke has no dowry and enough dreadful relations to ensure that even on her third season, she is unmarried and a confirmed wallflower. Her only friend is a large boisterous dog of dubious character who considers himself too good to chase dead birds. A chance meeting between the pair frees the Captain in ways that he had never thought possible since his injury. A stubborn Captain – an opinionated young woman – an unruly dog and Christmas is approaching – what could possibly go wrong?

The Lonely Lord
Anthony Rusell, Earl of Lever, has to marry before his thirtieth birthday – his father’s will dictates it. A man who has always been socially awkward and at a loss of how to communicate easily with people is determined to marry to save his heritage, but has no real idea of how to avoid making a blundering mess of the situation he is faced with.

Mrs Julia Price is a widow escaping from a brutal past of living with an abusive husband. Wishing to give her son everything, while living in straightened circumstances, she is determined to appear as undamaged as she can be. She will no longer be intimidated or treated poorly.

Two damaged souls brought together amid a mix of family conflict, old friendships and Bath Society.

All books are available in ebook, paperback and Kindle Unlimited.


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