The Spinster’s Captain

Based on a true story. A journey halfway across the world. Two people determined to remain on their chosen paths. But life doesn’t always go to plan…

Captain Robert Crawford is proud to have achieved his first command. Despite his taciturn manner, he loves his ship, and those who serve under him are loyal and steadfast. Passengers, however, are another matter – troublesome, unpredictable and the bane of his life. The shipping company’s other edict is no better; he must marry, and the sooner the better. Even his best friend cannot understand why this troubles him so much. How could he when Robert has never confided in anyone about his past?

Miss Agnes Dinwiddie is still grieving one year on from her father’s death. Seeing no future for herself in her old home, she accepts her brother’s invitation to be his housekeeper in America. Accepting a position as companion for the duration of the journey, she expects the trip to be the perfect balm to take her away from her heartache and help her to heal. What she wasn’t expecting was to meet an infuriating, complicated captain.

Confined on board with demanding passengers and a young woman who seems to challenge him at every turn, and who he can’t stop thinking about, Captain Crawford wonders what the devil he has done to deserve such a trial. One thing’s for certain, he’s never experienced a journey like it before.

The Spinster’s Captain is a Victorian Romance, topped with a generous amount of humour, action and tears. If you like simmering chemistry, compelling but complex characters and fast-paced action, then this is the perfect book for you. For lovers of Regency or Victorian romance.

All books are available in ebook, paperback and Kindle Unlimited.


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