The American Spinster

A new country. A new start. A new woman – and she’s more than a handful!

Rabbie Dinwiddie has left his beloved Scotland to start a new life in a country that offers a better and brighter future. He longs to be master of his own land and destiny, not work for someone else for the rest of his days.

But where there’s an opportunity, there are rogues, and Rabbie suffers the consequences. When he fears that all is lost, he embarks on a desperate plan to secure his future.

Miss Elisabeth Anderson is born and bred American and proud of it. Established as a wealthy farmer’s daughter, she is not limited by old world constraints and has a drive that served the early pioneers well.

Elisabeth has prospects and bold ambitions, none of which include an irascible Scot, whose path seems destined to entangle with her own.

When events occur that shatter everything Elisabeth believes in, there is only one man who can help. It is more a battle of wills than a marriage of convenience, but when a simmering attraction cannot be denied, is it too late to redeem what has gone before?

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