Lady Lou the Highwayman

She thought she had lost everything. She was to find out there was even further to fall.

Sometimes, taking responsibility that isn’t yours, can lead to a situation which threatens everything and everyone you hold dear. Lou has no idea what a chain of events she has set in motion, until it is too late…

Simon Ashton, Earl of Garswood, has grown-up with his father openly parading mistresses and Society turning a blind eye to the fact. Hating the fickleness of the Society he belongs to, he becomes aloof and unattached. He will never lose his heart.

Set on his life’s path, a foolish trip across heathland in the dead of night is to lead to a series of events which will change his life forever. Can he allow someone into his life? Especially someone who is so completely at odds with everything he’s known. Could she be the woman who offers something else – something sincere – something true? Just when he thinks there is a chance of a happy future, events unfurl which threaten those he cares for the most. No one is going to be left unscathed…

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