Peter Gilbert, Duke of Sudworth is a good man, but at the moment he’s angry and very very bitter. He has inherited the title and the debt that the selfish lives of his deceased brother and father created. He was forced to leave the home that he loved to try and save his dysfunctional family and their shared heritage. Facing bankruptcy, he has determined to keep his heritage at whatever cost. Only those closest to him know the real reason he is desperate to save his family home – the member of his family his father was ashamed off.

Rosalind Johnson, is the eldest daughter of a ‘cit’, a man who has earned his fortune through business. As an ambitious father he is determined that his four daughters will marry the highest titles in the country, whether they like it or not, and he is prepared to pay to achieve his goal. Rosalind has no choice to marry a stranger and take on a life and Society that looked down on someone who came from trade. She would need all her resourcefulness to cope.

Two people forced together because of circumstances that they did not create would be set for a shaky start at best, but with local gossip, illegitimate children and an alleged affair, things were never going to be quiet in the home of the Duke and Duchess of Sudworth.

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